LP 160 Chêne

La boite concept

LP 160 Chêne

The LP was the brainchild of an idea by Timothée Cagniard, co-founder of the company, and three years of development carried out by La Boite concept’s R&D laboratory in aquitaine (Basque country in France). The aim was to create a very high quality loudspeaker which allows the optimal use of both traditional and more modern audio sources, without needing any particular set-up or visible cables.

The two loudspeakers situated at the back in phase with those at the front have their own internal reflectors to give them incomparable sound stability. La Boite concept’s international patented Wide Sound 2.0 offers total immersion and enlarged stereo sound thanks to its sound reflexion, no matter where the LP 160 is in the room and whatever its use.

High Definition acoustic loudspeakers

La Boite concept is a well-established French company in the field of High Definition acoustic loudspeakers. The products released by La Boite concept are though and produced by themselves thanks to their deep family experience (3 generation of the Cagniard family gathered up and previously owned SIARE; the famous manufacturer of loudspeaker), non stop R&D and cutting-edge designs which are breaking all the previous codes.

The conception and the manufacturing done in their laboratory situated in the heart of the Pays Basque allows them to mix traditional High Fidelity and cast in one piece loudspeakers dedicated to new technologies.

In 1938, the visionary Marie Cagniard Yeramian created a brand of speakers named Siare, which later became the reference in the Hi-Fi industry. At a time when business was mostly closed to women and acoustic equipment had not yet developed Hi-Fi, Marie Cagniard was bold enough to put innovation at the heart of her company. In 1970, her son Thierry joined Siare. He was responsible for the creation of speakers whose modernity and qualities left a mark at the time and were a great success for this leading brand. In 2008, 70 years after the beginning, Marie and Thierry joined with Thierry’s sons, Guillaume and Timothée for creating La Boite concept, gathering three generations around the same passion. «La Première», a model designed by Guillaume, is an allin-one loudspeaker styled like an arcade game which is the incarnation of La Boite concept’s vision: top of the range, made to measure loudspeakers, all-in-one and tailored for contemporary uses. Arrive en 2010, the LD «Laptop Dock», developed by Timothée with the help of his father Thierry, arrived in 2010 and was immediately successful. The LD is the first Hi-Fi station for laptops that is both loudspeaker and desk. Together that year they applied for their Wide Sound® patent. In 2013, saw La Boite concept’s first collaboration with a designer. Together with Samuel Accoceberry, their technical team developed the Cube series, whose compact size and appearance of a small piece of furniture is allied with optimal ease of use for wireless devices.

Knowledge La Boite concept combines its knowledge of traditional Hi-Fi with ergonomically designed all-in-one products that are tailored to the new sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Extremely high quality, innovative and technologically advanced products that are nonetheless simple and easy to use, designed for contemporary environments and ways of living. Les enceintes La Boite concept’s loudspeakers are also functional: multimedia desk or coffee table… They meet the requirements of connoisseurs but are still truly easy to use. It is thus that the family knowledge ; embodied in Marie and Thierry, is being developed today by Timothée whose management of the company reflects the attention to details its history demands mission To combine the knowledge and requirements of traditional Hi-Fi with the design of all-in-one products that are tailored to their environment and to new sound technologies. desiGN The brand’s products are not just high performance and innovative products developed by their own R&D laboratory, but also beautifully designed lifestyle objects, made to form part of their environment. La Boite concept develops audio systems internally, but for some of their products they also call on the aid of well-known designers: Samuel Accoceberry, Olivier Dollé, Vincent Tordjman... It makes them true pieces of furniture and give them something unique. Production La Boite concept makes their products in Europe so they can have total control over the quality of each component that makes up the finished object. The headquarter and their Research and Development laboratory are in Ustaritz, in the Basque country (France). La Boite concept likes to make the most of the resources including wood working skills and local artisans and industries of the French and Spanish Basque country


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