Incense by Astier de Villatte


Straight from the incense paradise that is the Japanese island of Awaji, smoke curls permeate our homes and leave their aromatic trace for hours. The twelve Astier de Villatte incense scents, created in collaboration with Françoise Caron and her team of young perfumers, invite us on a journey. Escape to the desert plains of Oulan Bator, bathe under the rococo arches of the thermal baths in Marienbad, or dance on the beeswax-polished parquet floors of the Paris Opera.


Thanks to its favourable climate, the best incense in the world comes from Awaji, just off the coast of Kobe. The Koh-shis, masters of scent, make incense in line with a thousand year old tradition that is handed down from father to son. They alone perfectly master the four production stages. First, the all-natural ingredients are prepared and mixed: exotic woods, plants and herbs, vegetable resin and perfume. Then the paste is kneaded, squeezed and shaped before being left to rest for two weeks to soak up the perfume. The hand-rolled, long, thin ribbons are then cut by hand to the desired length and left to dry in the west wind for three days before being gathered into bundles. Each box contains 125 sticks with a burning time of 30 minutes each. 

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